U3A Pine Rivers


Policy Number 1:  Version 1
Resposible Person:  Management Committee
Approved by:   Management Committee…………..dated 14/11/2016

  1. Scope

The Code of Conduct applies to all members, committee members, volunteers and employees of U3A Pine Rivers Inc. It is to be distributed to committee members and volunteers during induction. It is available electronically and in hard copy at the Centre at Kallangur for any member to access.


  1. Policy Statement

U3A Pine Rivers is committed to ensuring that the behaviour of our members, volunteers and employees is based on our core vision and values.


  1. Relevant Legislation

3.1        Qld Associations Incorporation Act 1981

3.2        Associations Incorporation Regulation 1999

3.3        Qld Anti- Discrimination Act 1991

3.4        Federal Age Discrimination Act 2004

3.5        Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986

3.6        Australian Disability Discrimination Act 1992

3.7        Australian Racial Discrimination Act 1975

3.8        Australian Sex Discrimination Act 1984


  1. Personal and Professional Behaviour

As members of U3A Pine Rivers our personal and professional conduct must strive to create a harmonious, safe and productive environment which is congruent with our Association’s values.

4.1         Respecting the dignity of the public, our members, volunteers and employees and treating them with courtesy, honesty and sensitivity to their rights.

4.2         Treating others in the organisation fairly and with respect. In accordance with anti-discrimination legislation not to harass, victimise, bully or discriminate against members and others  who may visit our organisation on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnicity, national identity, marital status, disability, age, political conviction or religious belief or other grounds that may be covered by relevant legislation.

4.3         Maintain and develop knowledge in our field of responsibility.

4.4         Exercise our best judgement in the interest of the Organisation and its members.

4.5         Make decisions ethically, fairly and without bias using the best factual information available.

4.6         Maintain adequate documentation to support decisions made.

4.7         Comply with any legislative, industrial or administrative requirements and lawful and reasonable directions given by persons in authority. Adhere to the policies and procedures of the Association.

4.8         The resources of the Association are to be used efficiently, carefully, lawfully and honestly.  Unless authorisation has been given, U3A resources are not to be used for private purposes.


  1. Complaints

5.1         Where a person believes they have been subject to treatment or conduct that is in breach of this Code of Conduct they may lodge a complaint with the Secretary of the association.  The Secretary will inform the President immediately.

5.2         Any complaint of a breach of this Code of Conduct will be handled in accordance with U3A Pine Rivers’ Grievance Policy.


  1. Committee Members Must:

6.1         Be diligent in their role.

6.2         Attend Committee meetings or forward their apology to the secretary prior to the meeting.

6.3         Prepare for the meeting by reading the agenda, papers and any emails before the meeting.

6.4         Talk to the chair before the meeting if they need to clarify anything.

6.5         Participate fully in the meeting:

6.5.1          Arrive on time. Stay to the end

6.5.2          Listen to what others say and keep an open mind

6.5.3          Contribute positively to the discussions

6.5.4          Speak one at a time

6.5.5          Help others concentrate on the meeting

6.5.6          Discourage side conversations

6.6         Fulfil any responsibilities assigned at the meeting and be prepared to report back on progress at the next meeting.

6.7         Attend to fiduciary responsibility and make decisions based on what is best for the Association, not for individual interest or gain.

6.8         Not take advantage of the position on the Committee in any way.

6.9         Declare any Conflicts of Interest as they arrive and act to ensure that these conflicts do not pose a risk to the organisation.

6.10     Act as a positive role model.

6.11     Always represent U3A in a professional manner.

6.12     Maintain confidentiality.  Most business conducted by the committee will need to be discussed and actioned with others outside the meeting. If a matter is to remain confidential the meeting will clarify this.



 President:   Susan Stephenson   Signature……………..…..……………….  Date   14/11/2016