Classes on Offer

Summary & Description of Classes

In the document is summary of the content or topic of courses that are being offered this term. This information is provided by the tutors to assist members, particularly new ones, to determine what the course is about. Further information, if required, can be obtained by contacting the relevant tutor. The day of the activity is shown below. Details of the dates, times, venue and tutor of the class or activity are included in the Schedule of Classes.

Class Schedule By Day
Classes listed as “ongoing” continue through the term break.
U3A Centre refers to the U3A Pine Rivers Centre Kallangur.
The Tutors contact details are in the Members copy of the Newsletter.
If you are not a members and would like to speak to the Tutor about the class and availability, please call 3880 6677 or email and we will provide your with the Tutors contact details.

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