COVID Amber alert level from Friday 11 November

Queensland Health has announced that the fourth wave of COVID-19 has started in Queensland.  Consequently their traffic light alert level will move from Green to Amber on Friday 11 November 2022.

Qld Health traffic lights for COVID

What does Amber level mean for U3A Pine Rivers?
As a general rule please wear a mask when attending indoor classes at U3A Pine Rivers, when you can’t maintain the 1.5 metres of physical distancing.
For Exercise & Singing activities:

  • Ensure you have good air movement using the fans and air conditioning
  • Exercise: Maintain 2 metres between each member
  • Singing: Set up in rows facing the same direction and maintain 2 metres distance between each member in all directions.  The tutor should be 3 metres in front of the class, facing them

When attending a U3A Pine Rivers class or activity remember:

  • Stay home if you are unwell – cold, flu, COVID, etc
  • No hugging or handshakes.
  • Sanitise your hands:
    • When entering the premises
    • Before the class
    • During the class, if you are touching multiple items
    • Before re-entering a class
    • After a class
  • Cleaning furniture and equipment:
    • Wipe tables and chairs before and after the class
    • Wipe equipment before and after use

Keep safe; keep well.