Information About Classes


  • If you wish to enrol in a class or for further information, please con­tact the specified tutor.
  • Members for Computer classes MUST own (or have easy access to) a PC or laptop with the software relevant to the class being undertaken and have basic computer skills.
  • Some classes and activities require a minimum number to proceed.
  • Others may be full and members wanting to join will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Classes sometimes last for a set number of weeks and members can only join at the commencement of the class.
  • Other classes have no restrictions and new students can enrol at any time.


  • A fee may apply to cover costs of materials, photocopying or venue rental.
  • Please check with the tutor when enrolling.
  • If members want copies of notes for days they were not there, they will be asked to pay for them.
  • The Committee has no rules about the provision of refreshments at classes.
  • The de­cision to break for refreshments (and arrangements for their provision) is entirely be­tween individual tutors and the members.


  • Tutors are asked to sight the membership badge or receipt of all members at the beginning of the term and when a new member joins a class at other times.
  • Mem­bers are asked to wear their badges at classes.
  • Tutors will record members’ attendance for insurance purposes.
  • Only financial members are eligible to attend classes, although a non-member may attend one class to see if it is what they want before becoming a member.
  • Honorary Membership can be given to Carers.
  • All enquiries are to be directed to the President.
  • The Welfare Support Officer can provide further details for prospective members with a disability.


  • Unlike other U3As in the region, U3A Pine Rivers has a very flexible arrangement for classes and activities. Many of them are either ongoing, weekly, fortnightly or 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th weeks of the month.
  • Consequently, it was decided some time ago that, to facilitate scheduling and avoid confusion, we would ignore the public holidays that tend to fall on Mondays. This has been confirmed by the current Management Committee.
  • We will, of course, always observe ANZAC Day and Easter. In most cases we will also observe Australia Day. The tutor and members are free to decide whether classes will be held during term breaks.
  • All venues will be closed for the Christmas / New Year break for four weeks.


  • Some classes include excursions to places like museums or other venues.
  • The tutor will advise class members of dates, venues, cost and transport.
  • Other activities, such as Walking, Photography and Art Gallery outings are also conducted for mem­bers as U3A Activities.
  • The rules of attendance recording apply for these as well.