Other U3As

While U3A Pine Rivers offers a variety of classes, you may have an area of interest that does not have a class available here.

Moreton Bay Region U3As

There are five U3As in the Moreton Bay Regional Council area. If one of these has a class you would like to attend, you can join as an affiliate member for $10 as long as you are a current financial member of U3A Pine Rivers. The other U3As are:

U3A Network Queensland


U3A Network Queensland is the state-wide incorporated advisory body covering all U3As in Queensland.

The role of U3A Network Queensland is:

  • Promote the U3A movement in Queensland
  • Facilitate communication between local and national U3A groups
  • Provide support for existing U3A groups and for the formation of new groups
  • Establish connections with local and state government agencies and with other appropriate groups in the community

Through the website you can access information about other U3A organisations throughout Queensland.

U3A Online U3A Online logo


U3A Online is the world-first virtual University of the Third Age delivering online learning via the Internet.  Courses are open to all older people and disabled younger people anywhere in the world. They are especially suited to older members of the community who are isolated either geographically, or through physical or social circumstances (including carers).